Heki 2 Roof Vent Complete 655 x 960

$1,195.00 inc GST

Easily opened with the metal bar handle and the pane is held open by the pneumatic stays.
Can be locked in a bad weather setting, rain cannot penetrate into the caravan and wind cannot lift the panel in the secured position.
Double glazed acrylic panel.
Includes roller fly screen and roller blind integrated into inner frame. Both can be adjusted independently or combined.

  • Installation requires a flat surface area of 1080mm x 780mm
  • Cut out: 960mm x 655mm
  • Approx lid opening size: 780mm X 530mm
  • Suitable for roof thickness from 25-60 mm in combination with special fittings.
  • Frame colour: cream white
  • Max opening angle: 55 deg

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